Tabitha King


Morning butterfly
Lonely Anticipation

Slow listening space
Beautifully dynamic
Significant change

Authentic being
Still enough to see beauty
Listen quietly

Sunlight bursts open
Flooding blue skies vividly
Welcome wind blows soft

Magic space to craft stories
Cool as a smooth stone

Twin hearts bounce with glee
Swallow dives to catch rain drops
Separation pulls

Sky opens like sea
Endless and ephemeral
Seasons come to play

Magic spirit
Whimsical and romantic
Lost in translation

Lamenting history
False smiles mark untold stories
Frozen under ice


2 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Hi Tabitha 🙂 My name is Seini , I am a fellow artist. in Australia. I would love to discuss your work, specifically your drawing. Please email me at – I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    • Hi Seini
      I haven’t actually updated or visited this blog of mine for a really long time. It was very good to hear you were interested in my drawing. It is good to revisit the site. I am sorry not to have got back in touch for such a long time. What sort of work do you make? Do you also have a blog.
      Best wishes to you in Australia – Tabitha
      : )

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